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www.FriendlysListens.com – Friendly’s is a US restaurant that was founded in 1935 by two brothers S Prestly Blake and Curtis Blake. The company has more than 10,000 employees. George Michel is the CEO of the company.

They offer the best dining with 22 ice cream flavors. The headquarter of the company is located in Wilbraham, Massachusetts. The restaurant is famous for sandwiches, burgers, salads, soups, ice cream, and hotdogs.www.FriendlysListens.com


In starting, the Blake brothers has a small ice cream shop which was named Friendly. In 1940, they opened their branch in West Springfield. Later 10 branches were opened in western Massachusetts. Due to more expensive CV k, the company headquarters moved to Wilbraham from Springfield. In 1979, the owner sell the company to Hershey food corporation. In 1988, Donald N.Smith take friend from Hershey and later become part of Tennessee food. In 1997, the company enter stock Marketing and has the symbol FRND. The stock starts at $18 per share. In 1998, Kim An Dereck started a franchise for the company. In 2009, the first friendly Express begins in Mansfield. On 12 April 2012, John M Maguire has elected as the chief executive officer of the company. On 25 November 2014 14 locations of friendly in Ohio are closed.

The company has many slogans like There is no place like home, high 5 it’s friendly, oh that looks good, deliciously fun, life with an extra sprinkle, etc. On 19 January 2021, the friendly was taken by Amici Partners Group LLC.

If you also enjoy an ice cream with a different flavor in friendly, then I have good news for you. You can win exciting rewards just by giving feedback to the restaurant. This is known as a friendly Customer Experience survey. You can complete the survey on Www.friendlylisterns.com and enjoy your Rewards.

Some rules and regulations of a friendly customer experience.

  • The survey is only valid for 18 years or more.
  • The customer must be a domicile of the US.
  • You must have the receipt in which the code is given.
  • Please provide correct contact details like email.
  • You must have a desktop or laptop with an internet connection.
  • Knowledge of English
  • Only one person is valid for one receipt.
  • The rewards are not transferred in the form of cash.


How to start a friendly Survey online?

1.Visit the official site of the friendly i.e. www.friendlyslistens.com.

2.Enter the 14 digit code which is present on the receipt. Now click on the Next button.

3.On the third step, you have to enter the details like time of visit, date of visit, location, state, etc.

4.Click on the Next button, Now rate the satisfaction survey according to your experience.

5.Answer all the questions based on your latest experience.

6.All the questions in the survey are related to restaurant services like Staff behavior, services, etc.

7.In the last step, you have to provide your correct contact details like number, name, email id, etc.

8.Click on the option and your survey gets completed.


FAQs Of www.FriendlysListens.com

1.How do I create an account in friendly?

Ans You can simply log in just by visiting the official site of the restaurant. Click on the sign-in option and then create a new account. Once you reach the page, you have to fill in all the blank fields. If you give more information you can win more Offers like a discount on cakes, ice cream, free birthday sundered, etc.

2.How did I come to know about my offers?

Ans:- If you want to know your offers then just visit the site www.friendlys.com/login then click on the sign-in option. Visit the dashboard for your existing offers. You can find all the BFF offers available for you.

3.How do I redeem coupons?

Ans:- Many coupons are redeemed just by viewing a coupon to the server. You can print the coupon by clicking on the printable coupon. To redeem ice cream offers click on the get coupon button. Just follow the instructions which are given on the site before redeeming the coupon.

4.How do I share the rewards?

Ans:-The rewards you win from the friendly customer survey are only for you. It is not shared with others. You can only share your experiences in the survey and also tell them about the deal of friendly. You can also share the variety of offers which is present on your dashboard.

5.How do I change my password?

Ans:- You can change your password just in 2 ways.

1.You can change your password without logging you’re I’d. You have to click on forget password option. The instructions for the correction of the password are sent to your email id. From there you can easily change your password.

2.If you are signed in then click on the update I info option at the dashboard option. Now, change the password according to your will. After a successful change, log out of the account and again log in with your new password.

The article contains all the information about friendly’s restaurants. At the top of the article, you will see about the friendly’s. It is advised to keep all the rules and regulations in your mind before starting the survey. If you have more questions or any doubts regarding the restaurant then kindly visit the official site of the company. You can also drop a message in the comment box. Share the survey details with your love ones so that they can also enjoy the benefits of the restaurant.

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www.JCPenney.com/Survey – JCPenney Survey 10% OFF

www.JCPenney.com/Survey – jcpenney’S is a famous merchant cloth Goods  is an American sportswear and footwear shop. Its headquarters is located in Midtown Manhattan, Newyork. It currently operates in 28 countries. The company was founded in 1902 in new York. 


US. It was done by James Cash Penney Jr.Currently, there are 689 stores of jc Penney’s  jewellery and cloth Goods in the country. The company deals with brands like foot locker, kids foot locker, lady foot locker, flotation, runners point, Sidestep, Champs Sports, east bay. The revenue of the company is $8 billion and net income is $491 million. There are a total of 90000 employees working in the company. The first JCPenney jewellery and cloth Goods  opened in the mall of California The company celebrated its 100 anniversary and In 2018, the company started to make good relations with different companies .

In 2005  the company joined with many other companies  to launch its reward i.e  JCPenney jewellery and cloth Goods  school reward program for providing donations to the school that shops at JCPenney clothing  Goods . According to the report the company has 3,369 mall-based stores in Canada, Asia, Europe, US, and 70 percent of the products are related to Nike.

Nike is the big brand partner of this company and JCPenney jewellery and cloth Goods  is the biggest wholesaler.

The best thing about the company is you can take part in the jcpenney jewelery and cloth Goods  customer experience survey at www. Jcpenney survey.com. and win exciting coupons. Here I have explained how you can gain rewards just by giving your feedback to the company.

The company wants to know its performance, so customer feedback is important for the company. The participants won a discount of $10 off on the purchase of $50.

What are the Rules and Regulations of the jcpenney’S JCPenney jewellery and cloth Goods  customer Survey?

There are many rules and regulations which keep in mind before starting the survey

1.The candidate must be 18 or more.

2.The candidate must be a citizen of the US.

3.Only one entry is valid for one publication code.

4.The candidate has to give their correct email id so that they will be notified about the notification.

5.The reward is not transferred in form of cash.

6.Knowledge of English is compulsory for taking part in Survey.

7.The member of the jcpenney’S jcpenney jewelery and cloth Goods  are not allowed to take part in the survey.

8.The candidate must have a laptop or computer.

9.The candidate must have an internet connection.The survey is conducted in online mode,so you can complete it from home.

10.The candidate must have a Survey invitation card.

How to start the survey?

The steps for starting the survey are

1.Visit the official site of the survey 

2.After reaching the website, select a preferred language from the option. You have to choose from English, Spanish, French and Chinese.

3.Now, click on the Next button.The entry code is mentioned on your receipt.

4.After completing all these steps, you have to answer all the questions . You can answer the questions from your last experience.

5.The questions are based on your shopping experience. After answer all the questions you have to enter your contact details.

6.In the last, click on submit option and your survey gets completed.

7.The result will be published sooner after completing the survey. You can win a $10 off coupon.


FAQs Www.JcPenney.Com/Survey

1.How do I order the product from the jcpenney’S JCPenney jewelery and cloth Goods ?

Ans:- You can order the product from the jcpenney’S jcpenney jewelery and cloth Goods  online. But you have to confirm your size. When you are purchasing for the child, it is quite difficult for about having the fit size. So to come out with this problem, the company offers printed size charges for all the people. If you have still a problem, then you can contact jcpenney’S jcpenney jewelery and cloth Goods  customer care at 18009916815.

2.Can I change or cancel the order after placing it?

Ans:- If the order is a dispatch from the company side then it is impossible to change the order. The order gets confirm sooner after placing it. The cancel of an order depends upon the status of the order. If you want to return the order then you have to give it to your local jcpenney’S jcpenney jewelry and cloth Goods  shop as soon as you receive it. You can add something in the order if you want more products.

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3.When do I get in contact with the customer care of the foot locker?

Ans You can call customer care on 8004414440. The service is open from Saturday to Thursday from 9 am to 10 pm and Friday from 1 pm to 10 pm.

4.How does it take to complete delivery?

Ans:- The details of the delivery are e-mail to you after placing an order. The delivery partner sends you a tracking id so that you can track your order.

The article contains all the necessary information regarding the jcpenney’S jcpenney jewelery and cloth Goods  survey. In starting paragraph you will see many interesting things about the company. For more information visit the official site of the company which is mentioned above. You can also leave a message in the comment section. Please keep in mind all the rules and regulations before starting the survey. It is one of the best options for winning the company reward just by having your feedback for the company.

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www.DGcustomerfirst.com – DG Customer first Com $100 Gift Card


www.DGcustomerfirst.com – Dollar General is an American store having headquarters located in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. In January 2020, the company has 16,278 stores. The company was started in 1939 as name of J.l turner and sons and in 1955 as a name of  dollar general corporation. The key people of the company are Michael M.Calbert, Todd Vases, and John W.Garratt.The company deals with clothing, toy, pets supplies, home decoration, health and Beauty, seasonal items.



The net income of the company is $1.712 billion and operating income is $2.302 billion. Currently, 143,000 employees are working in the company. In 1969, James and Cal decided to start their business and made an investment of $5000 each. In mid-1950 they both opened their 35 departmental stores. It went public in 1968 and got a name Dollar general corporation.

The company also has connections with motorsports like. NASCAR. It became a sponsor of Joe Gibbs racing, GoDaddy bowl. The company sells products by the names of national name brands like Coca-Cola, Mars, Clorox, Energizer, Nestle, PepsiCo, Kimberly – Clark, etc. The dollar general also includes women’s apparel, sport’s wear, men’s apparel, diaper and wipes, towels and blankets, hair and skin care, etc. The company is distributed in 16 States. In 2017, the company started its new branch in North Dakota, Washington.

It does not have any branches in Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana. Dollar General opened its office in Hong Kong in 2004. The company started many foundations which help many people in their living. In 1993, it provides funds for literary and educational programs. It helps nearly 11 million people in reading. In 2018, the company celebrates its 25 anniversary.

If you like the Dollar general products then you can take a part in DG customer Survey. If you take part in the survey then you will get a chance to win a $100 gift card just by answering some questions which are related to the facilities, service, staff behavior, products, etc. The company aims to provide the best products at an affordable price.

Important Rules and regulations for taking part in the survey

There are many rules for dollar general customer survey.

  • Only US residents are allowed to take part in the Survey.
  • The candidate must be 18 or more.
  • The candidate enjoys benefits only on one receipt which means one person can use one receipt.
  • You have to submit the proof of purchase the things from the store.
  • The family members, staff, employees of the company are not allowed to start the survey.
  • The candidate will have to give their contact details.
  • You have to purchase anything from the store for participating in the survey.
  • You have knowledge of the English
  • The survey is done in online mode only.
  • The rewards are not transferred in form of cash.
  • The receipt is valid only for 4 days. So you can start your survey within these days.


How to complete the DG customer survey?

Here are the following steps of the DG customer survey

1.Visit the official site of DG customer survey www.DGcustomerfirst.com.

2.Read the Instructions carefully before start the survey.

3.You must have the receipt in your hand so that you can enter the entry time, date, receipt number, etc.

4.Answer all the questions according to your latest experience. Your feedback helps the company to improve its performance.

5.After answering all the questions, click on submit button and your survey is completed.

The company gives a total of 520 prizes Which are divided into 52 Weekly lucky draws. Each winner will get One dollar gift card with a $100 value. The total value is $52,000.If more eligible entries are done Then the chance of winning will increase.


FAQS Of www.DGcustomerfirst.com

  • How does the winner get the prize?

Ans:- After submitting the survey, the candidate has to wait. The winners are notified by the administrator. After that, you have to submit your valid contact details and email address. The prize can be sent via post. It takes six to eight weeks to complete the delivery.

  • How I have known who will win the Dollar General Customer Survey sweepstakes?

Ans:- If you also want to know about the winner’s list then you simply send an email to the company with a self-attested business stamp. Only those requests are accepted Which are received Before 2 April 2022.

  • Is there are any alternative ways to enter?

Ans:- Yes, the individual can join the Survey without purchase. They have to submit a 3.5″ x 5″ Card With their complete name, address, birth date, and phone number. You have to mail this With a post stamp on it. Send this to the address PO Box 251328, West Bloomfield, Michigan with Zip code 48325.

  • How do I contact DG customer care?

Ans:- You can easily contact the customer care service by dial (651)8554000.

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  • How do I know the latest Updated of Dollar general?

Ans:- You can easily get updated on Dollar general by adding on Social media. It is the easiest way to get notified about something. Follow the Dollar general Twitter handle @DollarGeneral.

The article contains all the basic details of 

Dollar general and its customer survey. Please keep in mind all the rules and regulations before starting the survey. For more updates and information regarding the Survey, visit the official site of Dollar general. You can also write a message in the comment section.

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